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The Southeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives consists of over 450 members from 12 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The association is guided by a nine-member Board of Directors and an Executive Secretary.

Mission Statement

  • To determine, implement and promote a Code of Ethics for the members of the airport management profession.
  • To promote professionalism and financial stability in the administration of airports. To encourage professional growth of individual members through educational programs and accreditation.
  • To further promote airport safety and operational efficiency by encouraging the airport management profession to develop and apply modern techniques to airport management.
  • To promote aviation by providing a medium for discussion and the interchange of information by its members in order to develop and disseminate policies and procedures which will encourage the safe and efficient development, maintenance, and operation of public airports.
  • To foster public recognition and respect for the airport management profession.
  • To cooperate with other organizations working for the general benefit of aviation.
  • To represent airports and the airport management profession before appropriate government bodies.
  • To foster, promote, and assist in the development of air transportation, and to provide related information and consultation to persons, businesses, and governmental agencies when reasonably requested.
  • To augment the educational efforts of the American Association of Airport Executives ("AAAE") by bringing together a membership that shares similar problems and interests because of regional proximity.
  • To encourage and support the training and education of practitioners and students of airport and aviation management.
  • To actively work to retain current and seek new members, including those of diverse cultural background, race or gender, for the organization for the purpose of upgrading the airport management industry and revitalizing the organization.
  • To enhance the professional and managerial standards of the membership by encouraging active, consistent, and constructive participation in the association and AAAE.

Board of Directors

The SEC-AAAE is led by a board of officers and directors. Learn more...


Several committees offer guidance and the opportunity to serve the industry. Learn more...

Charter & Bylaws

Read the association's charter and bylaws here.