Professional Education Committee

Professional Education Committee Mission:

To promote, coordinate and advance the professional education development of Executive Members of the Southeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives

Professional Education Committee Chair Role:

  • The Professional Education Committee Chair also serves as the Regional Examiner for the Southeast Chapter on the AAAE Board of Examiners.
  • Gives updates to the Board on SEC Executive Members progress through the AAE accreditation program.
  • Attends 4 SEC Board meetings annually to report on committee progress.
  • Attends 2 AAAE Board of Examiners retreats annually.
  • Coordinates the AAE accreditation final interview panels at the SEC-Annual Conference and at the SEC-AAAE Airport Finance and Administration Conference.
  • Coordinates and tracks candidates progress through the AAE accreditation program through candidate mentorship, mentor development and coaching, and pairs candidates with mentors.
  • Coordinates with At-large Members of the Board of Examiners and other committee members to assist with candidate mentorship, mentor development, final interview administration, CM test administration, Proctored Essay and Proctored Memo administration and other related committee and BOE activities.
Judi Olmstead, AAE, Madam Chairman    

Student Scholarship and Academic Outreach Committee

SAMA/SEC-AAAE Scholarship Program

Committee provides administration of the SAMA Educational Foundation, Inc. and SEC-AAAE Scholarship Programs. The SAMA / SEC-AAAE Scholarship Program awards scholarships funded at $2000.00 each to individual students, representing southeast region academic institutions, who were actively pursuing degrees in three (3) separate industry disciplines. The committee works with the scholarship management firm Cote (Career Opportunities Through Education, Inc.) to award the individual scholarships. The scholarship administration activities generally occur during the August through October period.

SEC-AAAE Internship Grant Program

Committee provides administration of the SEC-AAAE Internship Grant Program. Based on the annual SEC-AAAE budget, a set number of internship grants will be available. The Internship Grant Program will provide up to 50% of eligible matching grant funds to a SEC AAAE member airport (Host Airport) for development and management of an internship program which results in the hosting of an Intern at the Host Airport. The maximum matching grant funds will be limited to $2,500 per Internship, subject to annual review and adjustment by the SEC AAAE Board of Directors, and shall be used to reimburse direct wages and/or certain Intern transportation and living expenses during the internship period. The committee is responsible for reviewing grant applications in accordance with the program guidelines and making recommendations of award of grants to the SEC-AAAE President. The internship grant program activities generally occur from January through September.

Lexie Farmer, CM, Madam Chairman Colleen Brooks, Madam Vice-Chairman
Willie Carter, CM, Vice-Chairman Dan Barton, Vice-Chairman

Membership Development Committee

The goal of the membership development committee is to increase membership in the SEC AAAE and maintain the largest membership of all AAAE chapters.

The objective of the membership committee is to inform airport executives throughout the southeast about the benefits of participating in the SEC. Those benefits include furnishing opportunities for professional growth, while supporting training and educational programs for airport practitioners in an atmosphere of integrity and camaraderie.

On an annual basis the committee members determine the recruitment strategy for the year. The components of the plan are then allocated to each committee member. Calls are held periodically to update on the status and modifications are made as necessary. The current year strategy includes reaching out to all AAAE members from the southeast region that are not current SEC members and also reaching out to general aviation airports to encourage membership in the chapter.

April Cameron, AAE, Madam Chairman Thomas Wallace, AAE, Vice-Chairman
Roger Allen, AAE, Vice-Chairman Dave Long, AAE, Vice-Chairman

Corporate Liaison Committee

Chapter Corporate Awards – leads the effort for the annual corporate awards. Secures four (4) volunteer corporate members to assist in the voting of the nominations.

  • Airport Professional of the Year
  • Corporate Member of the Year
  • Commercial Airport Project of the Year – Airfield
  • Commercial Airport Project of the Year – Architectural
  • General Aviation Project of the Year – Airfield
  • General Aviation Project of the Year – Architectural

Ensure PDHs for Engineers – corporate committee offers PDH’s at annual meeting for licensed engineers.

Host corporate committee conference calls and one face to face meeting at annual conference.

SEC Board Meetings – attends three (3) board meetings per year to report on Corporate Committee progress.

Other actions or tasks as developed.

Ryan Sisemore, PE, Chairman Benjamin Goebel, AIA, Vice-Chairman
Edward Wessel, Vice-Chairman Kevin Wu, AAE, Vice Chairman

Conference Site Selection Committee

Develop Requests for Proposals to solicit, interview and select the Conference Host(s) for the 2023 and possibly the 2024 SEC-AAAE Annual Conferences. Committee will be comprised of SEC Executive and Corporate members.

This Committee is currently at rest.    

Conference Financial Oversight Committee

Provide audit oversight for financial matters concerning SEC conferences.

To maintain the current level of adequate financial oversight and accountability for the Chapter conferences, ensuring proper internal controls and appropriate bookkeeping procedures. Procedures will include receiving all financial records relating to conferences, including but not limited to, conference checkbooks, detailed listings of expenditures and detailed listings of sponsor and registration payments. Random selection of cashed checks to ensure appropriate endorsement. Review both revenues and expenses for reasonableness.

Robert Campbell, AAE, Chairman Basil Dosunmu, CM, Vice Chairman

Emerging Leadership Program

The Emerging Airport Leaders Program is a professional development initiative to identify and develop rising airport professionals that have demonstrate a passion for the airport industry and are pursuing a career in airport management. The purpose of this program is two-fold; to provide insight and guidance to the Southeast Chapter on how to help aspiring airport professionals and to work with the individual candidates to develop individualized development programs and identify necessary skills to become a successful airport leader. A formal mentoring program provides candidates general leadership training specific to managing an airport. Airport leadership teams are encouraged to identify 1 or 2 emerging professionals from their organizations to participate in the program

There are three requirements that must be satisfied to be included in the Emerging Airport Leaders Program (“EALP”):

  1. The Candidate must be a member of the Southeast Chapter of AAAE
  2. The Candidate must have less than 10 years of experience in the Aviation industry
  3. Obtain a letter of support from the Airport Director/CEO/General Manager and be approved to travel to and participate in a committee meeting held in conjunction with the SEC/AAAE Annual conference.
Brendon Washburn, AAE, Chairman Amber Leathers, AAE, Madam Vice-Chairman
Lauren Scott, AAE, Madam Vice-Chairman George Groh, AIA, Vice-Chairman

General Aviation Committee


Keith Holt, CM, Chairman Judith-Ann Jarrette, AAE, Madam Vice-Chairman
Shaun Germolus, AAE, Vice-Chairman Greg Heaton, Vice-Chairman

Goal Digger Workshops

Provides industry leaders’ recount of their rise in the aviation industry ranks. Primary goal is to deliver a method (through the leaders’ personal experiences) toward a positive path for career promotion to the finest up-and-coming professionals. The objective is to offer informational and instructional workshops to folks not budgeted for the F&A, the NAC, their chapter or annual AAAE conferences. Procedures include daylong regional session from 9:30 to 3:30, at a very minimal cost. Four speakers, with facilitator. Host airport provides light breakfast and box lunch. Facilitator encourages group participation and we have utilized a professional leadership corporate member to assist with developmental ideas and leadership solutions.

Judi Olmstead, AAE, Madam Chairman    

Marketing and Communications

  • Manage the public's perception of the organization’s product or brand.
  • Refine marketing goals and strategies of the Southeast Chapter.
  • Coordinate the marketing, advertising and public relations activities of the Southeast Chapter.

Becky Huckaby, AAE, Madam Chairman Glen Thomas, C.M., Vice-Chairman
Tess King, Madam Vice-Chairman  

Diversity Committee

Mission: The mission is to further the advancement of all underrepresented communities throughout the aviation sector, with a focus on education and advocacy in airport management and supporting industries.

Vision: A progressive and unified aviation community providing outreach to better diversify the aerospace workforce.

Deontae Watson, AAE, Chairman Andrew Jones, AAE, Vice-Chairman
Hollie Baron, AAE, Madam Vice-Chairman Kenneth Weeden, Vice-Chairman

Virtual Student Outreach Program


Jacob Kohlhorst, AAE, Chairman Dorea Elmadih, Madam Vice-Chairman
Nick Keller, AAE, Vice-Chairman Martagus Newton, Vice-Chairman

Resolutions and Bylaws

Prepares Resolutions of Appreciation for presentation at Annual Conferences to include:

  • Current SEC-AAAE President
  • General Manager, Conference Hotel
  • Current Annual Conference Committee
  • Host city mayor
  • Host airport board of directors/commission/authority
  • Other resolutions as requested

The Committee drafts changes to the SEC-AAAE bylaws for Board approval. The Committee forwards those changes to the corporate attorney to ensure the changes are germane to the Tennessee State Corporation Commission rules and regulations. The Committee submits the changes to the general membership for final approval.

Bob Brammer

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee will develop a slate of officers and directors for presentation to and approval by the General Membership of the SEC-AAAE. The Committee will likewise present nominations for various AAAE roles to be filled by prospective members of the SEC-AAAE

Scott Van Moppes, AAE, Chairman* OPEN OPEN
Two additional members to be appointed to the Nominations Committee by President Miller on or prior to February 1, 2023. Additional members shall not be current officers or directors of the corporation.